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Question: Nutritional values of sperm?
Answer: Hi! I'm russian and have no idea what bull is. Could somebody give some advice? We'll never post without your permission.
Question: Does she find me attractive then?
Answer: Oh thats nice :DD Our customer care team is standing by to help you manage your Shipping Pass subscription.
Question: Why does he have a different number under my contact?
Answer: ME MEO JAJAJAJAJA OMG HAHAH I'm Spanish and I immediately needed to click on the video after looking at the title hahaha good job girls (and wow Marina, your Spanish is so good). And come on guys, u r not elegant, u r goofy and funny and that's typical Spanish hahaha

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Question: How come you never got married?
Answer: You should make a video on american girls

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Question: Is it hard to tell someone you have found someone?
Answer: Actually in Japan you just ignore them. Its not usual for a Japanese girl to say Don't call text me unless you are going wayyyy overboard , it's kinda a custom since if you reply back it means you gave them your time and attention , so we just prefer to give blank face and hope that you'll get the point.

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Question: Am i overthinking this?
Answer: This video actually changed my view of the Turks, I am Greek and I think that they are more fascinating than American women. Maybe I should try dating European women, and I count Turkey European because of them having Istanbul. Just my opinion

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Question: How do I tell my boyfriend I'm pregnant?
Answer: You Know You are Dating a ARGENTINIAN Woman When.

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Question: What was this about?
Answer: BTW it is Pakistani not Pakistanian and language is called Urdu

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Question: Does she really want a second date?

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Question: Mixed signals. Not sure what to do. Is it over?
Answer: If she looks mongolian then you know she is turkish

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Question: How to cancel a date with someone you want to see again?
Answer: Girl Spain

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Question: Has our relations died? Am I in this alone?
Answer: Do Hungarian pls

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Question: Online Dating – What Works?
Answer: Especially the food part.

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